Why did I become a Vegan?

Why did I become a Vegan?

My whole life growing up I was a Meat and Fish eater, this was my diet from a child eating anything from Pork, Lamb, Chicken and fish and Processed meat i.e Spam, Cornbeef

About five years ago I was a part time eat meat eater! I used to eat Organic Lamb about once a month (or even less) and Chicken about once a week, I was never a pig or wild meat eater. I also ate fish mostly white about five times a week!! At the time I thought I was quite healthy, as I didn’t eat meat every day and ate fish which I thought was the better option in regards to my health.

In regards to dairy I used Soya milk, but I also ate cheese and used a lot of Butter in cooking and desserts. Now thinking back why did I use Soya milk I should have drank Cows milk as I was still eating Dairy products, silly me!!! All the food I bought at the time including Vegetables was mostly Organic, and I always used to try and cook a homemade meal six days a week. I guess this made me feel physiological healthier and I thought it was good for my Husband and my daughters .

The transition started around two years ago when I began watching and reading a lot of information on health and food and seeing my Parents and in laws diterating every day from common diseases like Diabetes and high Blood pressure (which runs in the family).

I was still eating Chicken but cut down the consumption to twice or even once a month, and ate Fish about three times a week and the rest of the time we ate meat alternatives and more Vegetables ( but still used cheese and butter). I think me and my Husband would have cut out the meat, fish and dairy altogether, but my children were not impressed.

I started reading and watching more you tube videos on Meat and Dairy and the cruelty of the farming animals. Most importantly was our health and the diseases which are connected to eating FLESH and DAIRY.

So I made the transition to being a Vegan a year ago. Now Me and my family only eat Vegetables, dried and fresh Fruit and berries, Pulses , whole grains and flours, Nut based milks (no Soya), nuts, raw Chocolate and natural sweeteners.

No looking back!!! I feel 80% better, so do my Family. It took a lot learning and educating to teach my daughters that being a Vegan is a better and healthier lifestyle.

But I still a Vegan virgin and I am still trying to educated my Parents, Sisters and In laws.


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