Where to buy Vegan Products in Amsterdam

Where to buy Vegan Products in Amsterdam.


Jumbo Supermarket has a varied range of vegan products. From fake meats to Cheese. They also have a Bio section, which sells wholefoods and superfoods such as Cacao, Spriulina, Maca etc. Jumbo also stock plant based milks from alpro to oatly, various snacks from pringles to lentil chips and dark chocolate. There prices are reasonable and you can find Jumbo is most parts of Amsterdam.


Here are of a few items they sell.

Albert Heijn stocks various products for vegans from vegan mayo to plant based milks and vegan meats. This supermarket is well known and dotted all around Amsterdam including the Schiphol airport and main train stations.


Here are a few items they sell;



EkoPlazaLarge organic supermarket which is a chain store in Amsterdam. They stock everything from fruit, veg, pastas, pulses, snacks, breads, and baking products to vitamins and toiletries. They have various items, which are vegan. Eko Plaza has an online store, which does home delivery service. I personally like this store as it has a good selection of food available and all organic. The price on the product varies, but on the whole it is quite affordable as they always have offers available (sometimes even cheaper than the major supermarkets).


Here are a few items they sell;



Marqt SupermarketA chain of authentic food stores as an alternative to the traditional supermarket. Sells sustainable daily groceries and also has a range of vegan products. They can be a bit expensive. Marqt is similar to the

Wholefoods Store.


VegabondLunchroom and vegan grocery store which has a wide range of vegan products available from chocolates, crisps, snacks , pantry essentials, fridge and freezer foods and cheeses. They also sell freshly made juices, wraps and cakes.

They are located in the heart of Amsterdam;



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