Violife Range is Expanding


This is one of my favorite brand on Vegan Cheese range. Its been around since the 90’s and started in area of Thessalonika in Greece.

Their products are GMO free and 100% plant based. Free from lactose, GMOs, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives and cholesterol. The range is always expanding from the normal cheese block to vegan spreads, and available to buy is most supermarkets and small grocery and Vegan food stores.

Below are some of collection available.  These are also great for people who are just lactose intolerant. Can be used in baking, Pizza’s and more. 



The Gouda Flavor Block is the new must-have in all your recipes. The ultimate classic in a vegan jacket, is perfect for Friday afternoon drinks, grated over a potato gratin or in a delicious cheese fondue.
The creamy taste of our creamy is perfect for a tempting guilt-free snack. Delicious on a fresh baguette, on a cracker or in a cheesecake.
Brand new COCOSPREAD has the chocolatey taste you want from a chocolate spread, but only a quarter of the sugar, half the fat and half the calories you’ll find in other chocolate spreads.
Deliciously creamy, smooth and fresh. It’s also versatile: spread on toast, crackers, pancakes, ice cream and waffles, perfect for baking cakes, tarts, muffins, brownies.


The unique texture is perfect grilled with a Greek salad for an alfresco lunch or tapas style snack.
It’s Violife’s mission to create great tasting vegan products that can be truly enjoyed by everyone, and the new, deliciously Smoky Cheddar Flavour Slices with a hickory smoky rind promises to deliver!
Pairs ideally with your sandwiches, melts to perfection in your toasty.

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