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Vegan Food Choices

Veganism is growing day by day due to social media, mainstream news , environmental issues and many other platforms.

I have seen many changes over the years being Vegan, one being quite obvious is the diversity in food choices. Way back In my transitioning period I had limited food choices ie. plant based meats etc. So the easiest way was starting as a vegetarian (at least you could buy Quorn!!) then slowly becoming a Vegan but this was still a challenge.

I became Vegan 10 years ago and I ate more un-processed plant based meals. I had to be more inventive in what I prepared and cooked for my family. Only using vegetables, fruit, nuts pulses and grains ( occasionally seaweed, as this was expensive to buy) also made my own nut based milks. This was my most healthiest days being vegan. Around this time it was not as publicised in mainstream media such as TV adverts, limited social media coverage and food channels. You Tube was a good platform for people like myself who wanted to change the way they ate, it provided me with good recipes ideas and sought support through different videos. My intake of Vegetables increased and it showed at the time, as I lost weight and my skin cleared up and had more energy and even encouraged me to start a Juice fast!

Today we have an increase of so many vegan food choices in the supermarkets, food stalls even chain restaurants and fast food!!! but is this healthier choice for us? There is more processed vegan foods for example KFC have now introduced a Vegan no chicken burger, Pizza from Papa Johns and other pizza outlets. I am guilty to buying the vegan meats and snacks for convenience which should be treated as a treat. The majority of the time I will still cook from scratch. I personally think is the healthier option.

Good or bad?

Vegan is a lifestyle and is growing everyday so I guess that brings the major food retailers onboard because of the high demand in plant based food.

Eating a plant based diet you need to be conscious of the many bad food choices on sale such as fast food chains ,ready meals and other high fat, sugar Vegan alternatives in supermarkets. Some of these foods choices are bad for our health or lack sufficient nutrients for our bodies.

On the positive side more vegan food available especially in restaurants and supermarkets gets more people interested in becoming Vegan and helps with less animals being slaughtered.

Love your body and what goes in it…

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