Vegan and Meat Substitutes

Well I started the new year promising myself I am not going to eat anymore Vegan Meat substitutes.

I recently done a short article on Mock meats and if they are good for you or not. I guess this is a question a lot of Vegans or Vegetarians ask themselves when they are looking at the increasing number of mock meat, cheese (including cream cheese, pouring and whipping cream). Recently Marks and Spencers, Waitrose, Asda and many more food outlets in the UK have embraced Veganism and this is now in demand by the consumer. Even in Amsterdam where I am currently, have an increase in Vegan products in there food stores such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Dirk.

I have stuck to my decision not to eat any mock Meats or cheese 90% of the time. I was back in the UK for a bit and was tempted in buying some vegan products from M&S and I searched how and low for the new Greggs bakery Vegan Sausage roll (with no success).

Seen myself change ( lost a few ponds) by cutting out the Vegan Junk Food and just leaving it as a treat (once a month) as I do have a soft spot for Vegan Junk Food bar and Fries in Amsterdam. I eat more healthier choices now. I love chickpeas and other beans and pulses, and mushrooms or Tofu are a great way to get that meaty texture to your meal or try making Seitan which is great meat alternative.

Healthy eating is fuel for life and helps maintain your body structures as-well as life balance of exercise and stress management through relaxation.

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