Do I find it hard to find something to eat when I on my Holidays?


Holidays!! Well went to Morocco. On the way the Low cost airline we travelled with does not cater for Vegans everything has CHESSE, so that wasn’t a good start luckily we bought food before boarding most of it was unhealthy of course such as Crisps, readymade Falafels, plain chocolate and a bottle of water.

When we arrived in Morocco which was early evening the hotel had a restaurant (before we arrived we stated we were vegans so the hotel had advance notice as our breakfast was included). We decided to eat at the restaurant as it was getting late. I told the waiter that I was a Vegan and my children are Vegetarian. That was a nightmare so explained what we do not eat (meat, fish or dairy), this was hard because the menu consisted of Meat, Fish or Vegetarian option which included dairy.

I must admit they did try and rustled up a white toasted bread sandwich with just Vegetable mainly pickled with fries. Breakfast was Jam with a traditional Moroccan flat bread and fruit every day for six days with a few glasses of water no alternative options for milk so I could not have any cereal unless I added fruit juice. This became boring after three days.

Eating out was a nightmare everyone seems to eat meat and being a Vegan is insane, My only option eating out was Vegetable Tagine with Cous Cous or Fries with salad every day!!!! No dessert unless it was fruit.

We did travel and I saw a one or two Vegetarian restaurants/cafes which catered for Vegans, but still mostly consisted of Vegetable Tagine and Vegetables with cous cous. There was a drink which most restaurants sold which consisted of Almond milk and Avocado, but you have to be careful because some also contain Cow’s milk which is added with the Almond milk. The waiters are helpful but you have to really explain to them that you do not eat anything that has Meat or dairy in the food.

Day trip to PARIS. Made a packed lunch to take on the Eurostar for our early start, I also decided to make enough for our trip because I knew it would not be easy finding food without any CHESSE!!! I was right, Pizza with cheese, baguettes with cheese, pastries with cheese, vegetables cooked in a chicken or meat stock, cream cakes, buttered pastries!



North WALES. Well we stayed in a B&B and they never had a vegan customer. So they showed us the menu for breakfast we explained what we do not eat, but we can have Mushroom, Tomatoes baked beans and Toast. They still thought we could have milk with our cereal. The first day we was not given any alternative spreads or Milk so we had dry toast with our cooked breakfast and no cereal, but we could have fruit and Herbal Tea. The owners did buy soya milk and a soya based spread for us for the following days that we stayed. Eating out in the evening was another problem sometimes we had to drive upto twenty miles to find a vegan friendly restaurant or Just eat chips!

You can get vegan friendly Restaurants, B&B’s and Hotels in most countries, but they are not widely advertised.

Overall eating out on your holidays can be quite changeling and somewhat becomes a burden, but you must not let this spoil your travels wherever it may be.

Trinidad and Tobago

My visit to Trinidad and Tobago has always been a great experience. I have been going to Trinidad on and off over 25 years. But in the last 10 years I have been Vegan and what a difference this has made to my eating habits.

Trinidad is very multi cultural and this is reflected in its many different cuisines, which include, African, Indian, Chinese, Spanish and Syrian influences.

When I first visited this amazing country I was a meat eater and loved the late night barbecue chicken, fish served with chips and ice-cream which you could pick up at night time (lots of night food stalls). I also used to eat a lot of curry prawns or chicken with Dhalpuri Roti (ground yellow splits in the roti) skin. If I went to Maracus beach I used to have the flying fish n bake but the most famous is the shark n bake.

When I changed my lifestyle to being a Vegan I was surprised how easy it was to eat Vegan food in Trinidad and Tobago. There is a large Indian population and most are vegetarian so it was easy to eat vegan. One of the famous breakfast meals apart from all the fresh fruits is “Doubles” which is a street food that is mostly served in the morning. “ Doubles” consists of a two baras type flat bread filled with curry channa (curried chickpeas) served with tamarind sauce and other pepper sauces if desired.

There are many Vegan friendly foods in Trinidad some are listed below:

Roti or Dhalpuri – served with various sides such as potato curry, with green beans and stew pumpkin or curry chickpeas.

Callaloo soup – This is made with okra, dasheen leaves (similar to spinach) and coconut milk. The original usually has crab so always ask beforehand.

Bake N Veg – Bake (fry dumpling) served with salads of your choice and various pepper sauces – Served at the beach mainly Maracus beach

Dirty Rice – Rice and beans with celery, garlic, onions and spices

Pholourie balls – which is made with ground split pea flour, Garlic, Turmeric, cumin and pepper dough balls the size of golf balls are formed and fried afterwards. The fried balls are usually served with a tamarind sauce, mango chutney or hot pepper sauce to dip them in. This is a great street food snack.

If you thinking of travelling to Trinidad as a Vegan you wont find it hard at all to find something to eat. Don’t forget the fresh fruits, coconut, vegetable’s and fresh Juices such a Soursop, Coconut water, Mauby, Sorrel and of course Rum Punch!!

Trip adviser has a list of Vegan / Vegan Friendly Restaurants you can visit:



I have now been in living in Amsterdam now for 8mths. As a vegan how does it compare to UK.

Buying vegan products is relatively easy. But you have to do a bit of research. Jumbo, which is a large supermarket chain, sells vegan meat substitute products. Also sell organic Tofu, plant base milks and even vegan puff and shortcrust pastry. They also sell super foods and have an organic section.

I also found ECO Plaza which has various shops located around Amsterdam to be very good. There are other supermarkets chain such a Albert Hejin.

The only thing I find that vegan products are a bit more expensive especially dedicated vegan stores than the UK and the choice is quite limited. For example in the uk the supermarkets such as Tescos, Waitrose, Sainsbury and Asda sell a wide range of dairyfree/ meatfree products and even have their own brands from dairy free cheeses to frozen meat free products such as sausages, pies, ice cream etc.

I know Uk is more forward thinking when it comes to veganism and it shows in the various options in places you can eat, Vegan markets and food stores. Amsterdam is trying and since being here more vegan café, restaurants are opening and some restaurants will offer a vegan option.

I have also joined a few vegan meet ups which offer evening outs to various restaurants bars or putlucks (which I not been to yet)

I cook 90% of the time so I use mainly pulses, veg and grains.