Seaweed Skin Benefits

Seaweed can help our skin.  If you eat seaweed or use a product containing seaweed you can see lots of skin benefits.

Is rich in B vitamins and minerals such as iron, which helps with healthy blood flow to contribute to radiant skin. It is also naturally low in sodium, but high in iodine, which helps your thyroid and metabolism function.

  • Hydration – seaweed is full of humectants that draw in moisture from the environment, and vitamin E, and also great for hydrating the skin.
  • Youthful-looking skin – the amino acids in seaweed help your skin to plump up, smoothing out fine lines with its anti-aging properties.
  • Evens skin pigmentation – the antioxidants that include vitamin B and C, help to heal and clear pigmentation that can develop after it was exposed to the sun’s rays for too long.
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