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Vegan Protein Powder – Plant Based All-In-One Vegan Shake




  • VegoLife is the perfect all-in-one meal replacement shake for anyone looking to sustain a healthy plant-based diet. Each shake contains a rich source of nutrition all blended from vegan-friendly whole food ingredients.
  • Why pick one protein source when you can have a multi-source, complete, plant-based protein blend? Pea, hemp, quinoa and almond protein combine to help repair muscle, keep you strong and give you that ‘get up and go!’
  • Contains 10 different fruit and vegetables including purple kale, carrot, broccoli, spinach, beetroot, blueberries and strawberries into a deliciously creamy easy-to-mix shake.
  • Each serving of VegoLife contains 23 vitamins and minerals all from vegan-friendly sources ensuring you stay in ‘tip-top’ condition. As well as 5 billion probiotics allowing your inner beauty to flourish and your vitality to shine.
  • Vegolife is made in the UK using premium natural ingredients specially blended into a delicious micro-fine powder which mixes easily with water or nut milk.


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