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Fushi Wholefood Calcium 60’s

Fushi Wholefood plant based Calcium is blended with wholefood powders of Kale and Fig, to boost better absorption.


Fushi Wholefood Calcium is a natural and effective way to support bone health and overall well-being. This supplement is made with 100% pure, whole food ingredients, and is free from artificial additives, preservatives and fillers.

What is Fushi Wholefood Calcium?

Fushi Wholefood Calcium is a dietary supplement that contains a blend of calcium-rich whole foods, such as Kale and Fig. These ingredients are carefully selected and combined to provide a natural source of calcium that is easily absorbed by the body.

Benefits of Fushi Wholefood Calcium

  • Supports bone health and overall well-being

  • Natural and effective way to get calcium

  • Contains 100% pure, whole food ingredients

  • Free from artificial additives, preservatives and fillers

How to Take Fushi Wholefood Calcium

Fushi Wholefood Calcium is easy to take and can be added to smoothies, juices or water. It is recommended to take 2 capsules daily with food.