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Never see any Vegan cooking shows on TV

Very rare or hardly never see any Vegan cooking shows on TV.

Vegan or Vegetarian cooking show is rarely or never shown on British TV. Why is this?

In the society we live in now, I personally think Vegan or Vegetarian cooking should be pushed more in the media, considering the high demand on animal products which cause over farming (factory) and pumped with unnecessary hormones and bad animal feed, which then pass through us which doubtfully make us sick humans. Eating more fruit, veg and Wholefoods will only make us more healthier and will also help the planet and stop over farming of animals.

There is a large community of Vegans growing over the world every day, so we should be catered for in the media, and shunned away like we are odd balls.

But if you want to know more on what to cook or info related to Veganism, You Tube and Twitter has a very large vegan presence and shows various cooking and vegan docs.


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