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Kapsalon  is a well known dutch street food which originally is a meat dish but is very easy to recreate into a Vegan snack. 

It consists of Fries and Shawarma and cheese.

Please see below Vegan version.



700g – Fries – oven or deep fried

35g or 1 packet of meat free Shawarma – or you can use meat free Gyros.(Cooked)

Salt and black pepper – to taste

1/2 cup of vegan cheese

1/2 red or orange chill pepper – chopped

1  jalapeno pepper

1/2 cup chopped spring onions

Vegan garlic sauce for drizzling



Making sure the fries are hot  (for the cheese to melt) mix all the ingredients into a large bowl except the garlic sauce. When ready to serve drizzle the garlic sauce on top. 

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