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Importance of Vitamins to the body.


The body is a very complex living organism so it is very important that our body has a good balance of vitamins, this will enable us to maintain our everyday body functions more efficiently, and also live a healthier lifestyle. These are essential as they all play an important part of protecting and help preventing us from getting certain diseases, infections and deficiencies, giving and storing energy, helping us have good skin, hair and nails and also produce enzymes.

There are different groups of Vitamins;

  1. Water soluble –   Vitamins B and C, these are only stored in small amounts for a limited amount of time in the body and the excess is excreted in the urine.

  2. Fat soluble – Vitamins A,D, E,K, these are found in food containing fats and stored in the body (fatty tissue) until needed

Vitamins are found in all natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and pulses, nuts, seeds, organic dairy, eggs and organic meat and fish.

Eating a balance diet from all these food groups we will help maintain good health.

If we abuse our bodies with alcohol and drugs this will damage and destroy our content of vitamins in our body and sometimes have to take supplements to help repair the damage caused. This also applies to people who are more physically challenged such as athletes, Pregnant women, children and the elderly can also benefit from vitamin supplements.


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