Has being a Vegan changed me?


I wrote this post back in 2010!!!

Well has being a Vegan changed me? Yes in many ways, in fact I am an upgraded version of my old self.

I know it hasn’t been that long only a year and I still have not reached my ultimate goal which is completely give up eating any Wheat or ‘The Sinful’ White bread, Soya ( soya products e.g. Alterative meat), but I must admitted my goal is near as I only eat these products three times or even once a month!

Choices as a Vegan are changing all the time. No more processed sugar or salt and less processed Vegan products (which have nearly completely vanished from my eating lifestyle). I don’t miss products like Cakes made with dairy, cheese or even Jerk Chicken!!! I still make cakes and I can still have Pizza with no cheese, so what’s the big deal, and Chicken well the thought of it makes me sick!

Well my health, I was a Woman with spots (a lot) at 37 years old, overweight but not obese and highly stressed with self-hate tendencies.

I have noticed changes within myself.

I have become more aware of my surroundings for example the noises (birds singing, dogs barking or just environment noise) the trees and the Sky. I notice I look at the sky more which is kind of strange I know, but therapeutic to my Soul. I’ve think I am becoming more of a Spiritual person than I was before and appreciate what I have (family) and what I don’t really need (excessive clothes and other material products). I still sometimes have a day when I say “oh I need a new dress for this occasion” or “I think this would look nice in the Living room” We all want and need ‘things’ but we are bombarded by outer sources like the TV or a Magazine/ Newspaper (Media) to entrap us with unnecessary ‘things’.

My Spots have gone on my face and back, and my body feels lighter, I have lost a little weight, I wasn’t obese so everyone thinks that I look fine! My food digests quicker than when I used to eat Meat, fish and dairy.

I haven’t had the Flu in over a year and I don’t take any kind of medication.

Now I feel more content as a Human living the experience on this planet.

In future years I would eventually like become at least 70% to 90 % Raw Vegan, but not at this present time, I like cooked food too much!!!


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