Do you think we should Cows drink milk?

Do you think we should Cows drink milk?

I personally say NO.

I think it is un-natural to consume breast milk from other animals. Milk should only be consumed when you are a baby to Infant age and only the milk from your mother’s breasts. Renin which is a milk protein, separates the milk to liquid and solid proteins in infants, renin is said to become absent in adults, this is what can cause you to suffer with gas, tummy upset, diarrhoea which means you are lactose intolerant.

Other animals produce milk to feed their young, and we are the only species who think it’s right to drink breast milk as an adult from other animals.

Milk contain Pus, standard dairy cows are medicated with recombinant bovine growth hormone to stimulate a much higher than normal milk production. This causes severe stress that result in mastitis, an infection of the udders of sick and stressed cows. This infection is of course then treated with antibiotics, helping to breed more antibiotic resistant organisms (more pus cells).

We have been told that milk will make our bones strong, but this is untrue. High protein which is found in dairy products cause the body to have excessive calcium loss through the kidneys, making the kidneys work harder and causing loss of minerals. This can cause Osteoporosis.

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