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Dutch prisons get ready to go vegan- News

Dutch prisons are to go vegan in an effort to cut costs, reduce aggression and slash carbon emissions. The Netherlands…

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Salt Jackfruit fritters with Nori

@caribveganlife Fritters made with onion, seasoning #bananablossom #scotchbonnet #thyme #speltflour #caribvegan #vegan #veganfood #vegansnacks ♬ Enjoy – Tekno

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Easy Pumpkin and Sultana Cake

Ingredients 1 small pumpkin- roasted and remove flesh ½ cup sultanas 1 cup raw cane sugar 1 cup  – self…

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CBD Oil Benefits

CBD may have many beneficial benefits for our body. CBD (Cannabidiol) is from the cannabis sativa plant but without the…

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Kapsalon  is a well known dutch street food which originally is a meat dish but is very easy to recreate…


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Rosemary Oil Benefits

Rosemary oil is a very popular herbal oil for both aromatherapy and for cooking. While rosemary is actually a member…


Vegans Vs Vegetarians

What do vegetarians eat? Vegetarians do not eat meat, whether it be red, white, fish or seafood. However, vegans do eat dairy…

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Never see any Vegan cooking shows on TV

Very rare or hardly never see any Vegan cooking shows on TV. Vegan or Vegetarian cooking show is rarely or…


A – B Herbs and Uses

Below are a list of Herbs from A-B and uses.   A AGRIMONY HERB – Stops bleeding, diarrhea, gout, gargled…