Being a Vegan in Morocco

Holidays!! Well went to Morocco. On the way the Low cost airline we travelled with does not cater for Vegans everything has CHESSE, so that wasn’t a good start luckily we bought food before boarding most of it was unhealthy of course such as Crisps, readymade Falafels, plain chocolate and a bottle of water.

When we arrived in Morocco which was early evening the hotel had a restaurant (before we arrived we stated we were vegans so the hotel had advance notice as our breakfast was included). We decided to eat at the restaurant as it was getting late. I told the waiter that I was a Vegan and my children are Vegetarian. That was a nightmare so explained what we do not eat (meat, fish or dairy), this was hard because the menu consisted of Meat, Fish or Vegetarian option which included dairy.

I must admit they did try and rustled up a white toasted bread sandwich with just Vegetable mainly pickled with fries. Breakfast was Jam with a traditional Moroccan flat bread and fruit every day for six days with a few glasses of water no alternative options for milk so I could not have any cereal unless I added fruit juice. This became boring after three days.

Eating out was a nightmare everyone seems to eat meat and being a Vegan is insane, My only option eating out was Vegetable Tagine with Cous Cous or Fries with salad every day!!!! No dessert unless it was fruit.



We did travel and I saw a one or two Vegetarian restaurants/cafes which catered for Vegans, but still mostly consisted of Vegetable Tagine and Vegetables with cous cous. There was a drink which most restaurants sold which consisted of Almond milk and Avocado, but you have to be careful because some also contain Cow’s milk which is added with the Almond milk. The waiters are helpful but you have to really explain to them that you do not eat anything that has Meat or dairy in the food.

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