I have now been in living in Amsterdam now for 8mths. As a vegan how does it compare to UK.

Buying vegan products is relatively easy. But you have to do a bit of research. Jumbo, which is a large supermarket chain, sells vegan meat substitute products. Also sell organic Tofu, plant base milks and even vegan puff and shortcrust pastry. They also sell super foods and have an organic section.

I also found ECO Plaza which has various shops located around Amsterdam to be very good. There are other supermarkets chain such a Albert Hejin.

The only thing I find that vegan products are a bit more expensive especially dedicated vegan stores than the UK and the choice is quite limited. For example in the uk the supermarkets such as Tescos, Waitrose, Sainsbury and Asda sell a wide range of dairyfree/ meatfree products and even have their own brands from dairy free cheeses to frozen meat free products such as sausages, pies, ice cream etc.

I know Uk is more forward thinking when it comes to veganism and it shows in the various options in places you can eat, Vegan markets and food stores. Amsterdam is trying and since being here more vegan café, restaurants are opening and some restaurants will offer a vegan option.

I have also joined a few vegan meet ups which offer evening outs to various restaurants bars or putlucks (which I not been to yet)

I cook 90% of the time so I use mainly pulses, veg and grains.

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