Achieving a Healthy Balance

Key Naturopathic Nutrition Principles

•Variety, balance, moderation

•Fresh, seasonal, local, organic

•Have as many vegetables as possible. At least 5 portions daily – aim for 7-10!

•Drink 2L water daily •Eat bitter foods – rocket, chicory, endive

•Eat a range of protein legumes with grains –vegetarian protein combining

How to eat –the golden rules

•Slowly – chew food well, put down cutlery between mouthfuls.

•Avoid distractions like fast music and TV

•Don’t talk with your mouthful •Don’t eat when emotionally upset

•Don’t eat 3 hours before bed

•Take 3 deep breaths before starting to eat –turn off from what was: business, anger etc. Separate your life struggle from your food

•Learn to identify – satisfied-full-stuffed

Healthy Snacks

•Oatcakes/ryvita with hummus/tahini/nut butters/olive tapenade/guacamole

•Vegetables sticks with dips •Nuts and seeds –oven roasted with tamari sauce and chilli flakes/tabasco or maple syrup

Smoothies – kefir/live yoghurt, fruit, cacao nibs, agave

•Miso soup •Nut butters

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