A Visit To North Wales

North WALES. Well we stayed in a B&B and they never had a vegan customer. So they showed us the menu for breakfast we explained what we do not eat, but we can have Mushroom, Tomatoes baked beans and Toast. They still thought we could have milk with our cereal. The first day we was not given any alternative spreads or Milk so we had dry toast with our cooked breakfast and no cereal, but we could have fruit and Herbal Tea. The owners did buy soya milk and a soya based spread for us for the following days that we stayed. Eating out in the evening was another problem sometimes we had to drive upto twenty miles to find a vegan friendly restaurant or Just eat chips!

You can get vegan friendly Restaurants, B&B’s and Hotels in most countries, but they are not widely advertised.

Overall eating out on your holidays can be quite changeling and somewhat becomes a burden, but you must not let this spoil your travels wherever it may be.

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